Super Bonder Sealant


Our Super Bonder formula is applied as an after care, once you complete your lash set. It will improve retention, reduce fumes and extend the life of your lash sets for weeks. Please wait at least 3 minutes before applying Super Bonder. 

  • Maximizes Retention

  • PH balanced formula for bonding

  • Works with any adhesive

  • Works with any humidity and temperature

  • Seals the adhesive without shock curing 

  • Nano Mister can still be used after Super Bonder Sealant but is not necessary

  • 6 months shelf life after opening
  • 10ML

How to use: Squeeze 1 very small droplet onto a microfiber brush and apply gently 2-3mm from the bottom of your clients lash set. Only a tiny droplet is required and to avoid getting it into your clients eyes which may cause irritation.

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